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What is Seed to Plate to Regenerate (SPR)?


SPR is a partnership between Denver Urban Gardens, We Don’t Waste, and Slow Food Denver, funded by theHealthy Food for Denver’s Kids Initiative, and designed to provide ECE-5 youth with the skills, values, and tools in relation to healthy food.

How does it work?

SPR is a seasonal program for selected participating schools designed to engage the entire school community.

The various components include:

4-8 lessons of Lil’ Sprouts programming

1 lesson of We Don’t Waste programming (5th grade only)

We Don’t Waste-lead cafeteria food waste audit (whole school)

3 lessons of DUG programming (ECE or kindergarden only)

A collective celebration (whole school)

In addition, DUG will work with schools directly to provide support and training in your DUG School-Based Community Garden, and access to DUG’s Grow-a-Garden Kits for families and anyone in the school community (kits include seeds, seedlings and Plant Care Guides).

How can schools participate in SPR?

Schools in the SPR Program are selected in advance. Criteria for participation include:

  • Elementary Schools in the City and County of Denver
  • Preference for schools that have a  DUG Community Garden on the school property
  • Preference for Title I schools

Want to participate? Contact us at