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Organic Gardening Masterclasses

Our four virtual, on-demand Masterclasses are designed to support the beginning Colorado gardener throughout the year, from planning your plot in early spring to putting your garden to bed in late fall. They are taught by DUG’s own Community Education Cultivator ‘Jungle Judy’ Elliott and are specific to gardening in the front range of Colorado.

Each course is offered at a pay-what-you-can, sliding scale model. Purchase them individually (suggested fee is $30), or buy the full bundle (suggested fee is $99).

Get The Masterclasses

Planning Your Garden Masterclass

You want to grow a garden, yay! You are in the right place. In this course, Denver Urban Garden’s Community Education Cultivator ‘Jungle Judy’ will share best practices for plotting your garden. You will learn the practical steps needed to establish a garden plot, create a spring planting plan, and plan for a harvest of diverse crops. Judy will also guide you to reflect on your purpose for establishing and caring for a garden, helping to make your gardening journey as unique as you are.

Maintaining Your Garden Masterclass

Are you interested in maintaining the healthiest garden possible? In this course, DUG’s  ‘Jungle Judy’ guides you through implementing organic, preventive, and treatment techniques for some of the specific pests and diseases that may attack your plants. She also addresses how to navigate the challenges posed by our sunny and arid environment here in Denver.

Transitioning Into Fall Masterclass

To thrive, your garden needs care in all parts of the growing season, from spring through fall. In this course, Denver Urban Gardens’ ‘Jungle Judy’ shares basic organic management techniques that will help your garden transition into the cooler temperatures and shorter days of fall. Judy discusses ways to keep your summer crops thriving as long as possible, highlights some spring crops that you can replant at the end of summer to produce a fall harvest, and shares structures you can use to extend your growing season. She also discusses some strategies for bringing your plants indoors, allowing you to enjoy fresh produce throughout the winter.

Putting Your Garden To Bed Masterclass

In fall, it is time to prepare your garden for the next growing season. In this course, ‘Jungle Judy’ explores the steps that need to be taken to attend to the health of your soil, how to plant garlic for the next season, and how to clean garden tools and support structures for winter storage. The fall is also a time to slow down, reflect on the successes and challenges of this year’s growing season and strategize for the next.