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Community Seed Distribution


Every year, thousands of families and dozens of community partner organizations get their seeds from DUG to jumpstart the growing season. Like DUG’s other food access programs, the Community Seed Distribution is designed to reduce the financial barriers involved in growing food at home or in a community garden. DUG’s Community Seed Distribution is the largest publicly available collection of free seeds in Denver. Operated out of DUG’s headquarters in the Curtis Park neighborhood of Denver, the program distributes between 30,000 and 100,000 free seed packets, equivalent to up to 33 million seeds, every year.

The collection includes a wide variety of vegetable, herb, greens, and flower seeds. Come by the DUG office mid-February through late-September to collect some free* seeds!

*The collection is open to families, non-profit organizations, and governmental agencies. The Community Seed Distribution program is not available for for-profit entities or uses.

Office Hours

Seeds are available for pick up only out of the DUG office (1031 33rd Street #100, Denver, CO 80205) in the Curtis Park neighborhood. You might catch a DUG staff member out at a community event with free seeds from this collection, but the best way to access the seeds is to visit the DUG office.

  • Tuesday through Thursday from 9am to 2pm (excluding holidays!)
  • Wednesdays from 9am to 7pm (excluding holidays!)

Seed Donations

Do you have seed packets you want to donate to DUG? DUG is always accepting seed donations, and giving to DUG is a great way to ensure your leftover seeds go to productive use. DUG is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit and all in-kind gifts are tax deductible.

To make a donation, please contact

Donate to Support this Program

Do you love what you see and want to offer your financial support? Make a donation to DUG here!


Used in community gardens, yards, and other growing spaces by families, organizations, and farms alike, the seeds from DUG’s Community Seed Distribution support hundreds of thousands of pounds of fresh, organic food production every year. Plus, the extensive flower seed collection supports habitat for pollinators in our urban environment. The Community Seed Distribution is a vital resource for Denver’s many gardeners and food sovereignty advocates.

Pounds of Seeds
Seed Packets
Seed Donor Vendors


Seed sorting events are a wintertime volunteer opportunity from November to January. Miss out but still want to get involved? Discover upcoming volunteer opportunities here.

Contact Us

Do you have questions, comments, or suggestions about Community Seed Distribution? This program is community-driven and always open to your feedback. Please reach out to

Last Year’s Varieties

Last year, the Community Seed Distribution at DUG included all of the below varieties. These supplies vary throughout the season, so DUG cannot guarantee the availability of any specific varieties. Come into the DUG to check for yourself!

Bush Beans

Lima Blue Lake 274 Garden Triomphe de Farcy Provider Stringless Green Pod Big Kahuna Gold Rush
French Horticultural Long Podded Kitchen King Golden Wax Improvied French Filet Tenderette Mellow Yellow Mardi Gras Blend Royaly Purple Pod
Adzuki Henderson’s Bush Lima Bean Royal Burgundy Blue Lake 47 Contender Lima Bean Fordhook 242 The “Weekend” Classic Slenderette
Fava Bean Sweet Loram Tri Color Jade Roc D’or Tendergreen Dragon Tongue Bountiful


Spearmint Thyme Dill Broad Leaf Sage Chives Garlic Chives Rosemary Lemon Balm
Curled Parsley Flat Leaf Parsley Greek Oregano Cilantro Cumin Sweet Basil Fennel Spicy Saber Basil
Burnet Black Cumin Chamomile Lavender Genovese Basil Thai Basil Dark Opal Basil English Lavender
Extra Curled Dwarf Parsley Mammoth Dill Greek Miniature Basil Green Dream Parsley Catnip Green Leaf Tulsi Basil Giant From Italy Parsley Summer Savory Sage
Lime Basil Cat Grass (Wheat Grass)


Looseleaf Blend Red Salad Bowl Silvia Burpee Bibb Igloo Gourmet Blend All Season Romaine Blend Nevada
Black Seed Simpson Salad Bowl Arugula Rocket Salad Green Wasabi Arugula Red Velvet Flashy Trout Back Queen of Crunch
Amish Deer Tongue Webb’s Wonderful Red Sails Tri-Color Blend Slobolt Butter Crunch White Cos Romaine Red Romaine
Sweet Salad Mix Classic Blend Sanguine Ameliore Little Caesar Provence Style Salad Green Parris Island Co Tango Leaf Red Oak Leaf
Butterhead Lettuce Spicy Mix Magonta Lettuce Bistro Blend Gala Mâche Mesclun California Spicy Greens Ezrilla


Crenshaw Bush Sugar Baby Orange Tendersweet Amish Melon Watermelon Boule d’or Delice de la Table Cantaloupe
Mango Hybrid Carolina Cross #183 Honeydew Green Flesh Crimson Sweet Watermelon Sugarbaby Jubilee Honey Rock Moon and Star (Watermelon)
Hearts of Gold Cantaloupe Gourmet Tuscan Melon (Napoli)


Heirloom Salad Onion (Italian Scallions) Evergreen Long White Blushing Bunch Walla Walla Onion Purplette Onion Flat of Italy Onion Shallot Early Yellow Sweet
Flavor King Delicious Duo Salad Scallions Italian Red of Florence Spanish Utah Onion Leek Parade Bunching Onion Salad Scallions

Pole Beans

Emerite Yard Long Noodle King Kentucky Wonder French Gold Painted Lady Improvised Runner Michels Cowpea Fagiolini dell’occhio Cowpea Scarlet Emperor
Mayflower Hidatsa Red


Hot Lemon (Hot Pepper) Carnival Blend (Sweet Pepper) Jalapeño Joe’s Long Cayenne Cubanelle Hinkelhatz Sweet Chocolate Anaheim
Marconi Ralph Thompson’s Squash Pinata Blend Habanero California Wonder Golden California Wonder Sweet Banana Pretty n’Sweet
Hot Salsa Blend Purple Beauts Fatalii Cayenne Blend Hot Portugal Fish Pepper Nadapeño (Sweet Jalapeño) Chocolate Beauty
Miniature Chocolate Bell Garden Sunshine Rooster Spur Miniature Yellow Bell Healthy Pepper Orange Bell Golden Treasure Maule’s Red Hot
Georgia Flame McMahon’s Texas Bird Challeno Greek Pepperooncini Quadrato Asti Giallo Jimmy Nardello’s Pepper Pepperoncini Tequila Sunrise Pepper


Oregon Sugar Pod II (Snow Peas) Sugar Daddy (Snap Peas) Cascadia Sugar Snap Peas Little Crunch Snap Peas Henderson’s Bush Baby Lima Garden Sweet Pea Easy Peasy Pea Progess #9 Pea
Sugar Snappy Pea Burpeeana Early Pea Green Beauty Pea Blue Bantam Pea Snowbird


Sugar Pie Howden Holiday Giant Big Max Pepitas F1 Jack-O-Lantern Jack Be Little Lumina
Big Moon Wyatt’s Wander Giant Casper Autumn Gold Lady Godiva Hooligan F1 Cherokee Bush

Miscellaneous Annuals

Hollyhock-Indian Spring Mix Bachelor’s Button- Blue Boy Amaranthus- love, lies-bleeding Forget Me Not Cynoglossum Lupine Hartwegii Love in a Mist Nigella Mixed California Blue Bells Blue Borage
White Cyrpuss Vine Sweet William Cleome Spider Flower Bells of Ireland Mountain Garland Clarkia Cornflower Blue Boy Fiddlehead Flower Scabiosa Imperial Double Mix
Bachelor’s Button- Double Mixed Fivespot Dusty Miller- Silver Dust Outhouse Hollyhocks Lundria Money Plany Honesty Blye Eye Susan Vine Anise Hyssop Aster Crego mixed colors
Alyssum Baby’s Breathe Coleus Ornamnetal Kale Dahlia Dwarf Unwin Gazania Blue Bonnet Impatiens
Ammi Dara Snapdragon- mixed colors Coreopsis-Mardi Gras Viola- Johnny Jump Up Ageratum- Blue Planet Aubrieta- White well Germ Linaria- Fairy Bouquet Statice Russian
Giant White Moonflower Hyacinth Bean – Ruby Moon Celosia- King Coral Pholx- Grandiflora Blend Cup and Saucer Vine – Blue Larkspur- Galilee Blend/ Kaleidoscope Lobelia Trailing Petunia- Royal Mixed
China Aster Blend


Utah Celery Ornamental Gourds Tavor Artichokes 4 Seed Starter Packs Sprouts N Fixing Cover Crops Chinese Lanterns Tamarillo

Winter Squash

Honey Nut Butternut Festival Acorn Spagetti Strawberry Crown Acorn Kaboocha Pink Banana Butternut
Hubbard Delicata Buttercup


Super Sweet 100 Hybrid Gladiator Hybrid Roma Brandywine Red Super Steak Tasty Treat Sandwich Slicer Medium Rare
Summer Hybrid Sweetie Bodacious Big Pink Hungarian Heart Sun Gold Marglobe Honeycomb
Baxter’s Bush Fourth of July Hybrid Supernova Grape Moskvich San Marzano Jaune Flamme Delicious Cream Sausage
White Tomesol Golden Jubilee Rutgers Brad’s Atomic Grape Black Cherry Pork Chop Black Formula Sweet Gold
Wisconsin 55 Rainbow’s End Black Krim Moonglow Oma’s Orange Amish Paste Stupice Salvaterra Select
Jaune Flamme Isis Candy Cherry Tommy Toe Kellogg’s Breakfast Silvery Fir Tree White Cherry Tomato Kolb Livingston’s Paragon

Summer Squash

Zucchini (Container Variety) Straightneck Patty Pons (Scalloped) Round Zucchini Emerald Delight May’s Gold Italian Ribbed Zucchini Crookneck
Fordhook Climbing Zucchini Trombetta Di Albenga Burpee’s Golden Black Beauty Dirani Yellow Bush Scallop Yellow Butterstick
Patisson Panache


French Dressing Watermelon Cherry Belle Royal Purple French Breakfast Crayon Color Rainbow Easter Egg II Rudolph
Daikon Rat-Tailed Spanish Black Round Philadelphia White Box Crimson Giant Red Arrow Daikon Pink Lady Slipper Cook’s Custom Blend
German Giant Daikon Mini Purple

Special Thanks

This program is supported and supplied by the following seed vendors:

  • Botanical Interests
  • Renee’s Garden
  • MASA Seed Foundation
  • Burpee Seed Co. via Ben and Leslie Palen
  • Denver True Value Hardware
  • Hilltop Gardens
  • Seed Saver’s Exchange
  • True Leaf Market / Kitazawa
  • Tagawa Gardens
  • High Mowing Organic Seeds
  • Hart Seed Co.
  • City Floral Garden Center
  • Harris Seeds
  • Atlee Burpee Co.
  • BBB Seed Co.
  • NE Seed