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Six Steps to Snap Access

Learn more on the Colorado SNAP website

Step 1: Get an application

  1. You can get the online here
  2. You can call a SNAP Outreach Partner to complete your application:
    • Benefits in Action (720) 221-8354
    • Care and Share (719) 434-5723 (Co Springs) or (719) 418-4305 (Pueblo)
    • Colorado Benefits Center (855) 871-2696
    • Hunger Free Colorado (855) 855-4626
  1. You can apply in person at any of the following Colorado Department of Human Services Offices (Monday – Friday, 8:00a.m. – 4:00p.m):
    • Castro Building, 1200 Federal Blvd, Denver, CO 80204
    • East Office, 3815 Steele St., Denver, CO 80205
    • Montbello Satellite Office, 4685 Peoria St, Denver, CO 80239

Step 2: Complete the application.

Please fill out as much of the application as you can. At a minimum you will need to have your name, home street address and signature on the application to begin the process. The application can be used just for requesting Food Assistance or for requesting other types of benefits.

Step 3: Return the application.

You can return the application to any of the offices listed above. As long as you provide your name, home street address and a signature, you can turn in the form to begin the process, but providing as much information as possible could help complete the process faster.

Step 4: Make an appointment for an interview.

Your appointment may be conducted in person or over the telephone. To save time & to help the process go faster, please bring all the necessary paperwork with you.

Step 5: Prepare and bring your verification documents.

If you have an interview scheduled at the office, bring your verification documents with you to the interview. If you have a telephone interview, the worker will explain how to submit your documents and will let you know if any additional information is needed. After your interview, you will receive a notice in the mail explaining your eligibility.

Step 6: Learn to use the food assistance card.

If you are eligible, you will get a notice that will explain how many months you can get food assistance benefits and the amount of food assistance you are eligible for. Every month you are eligible, your food assistance benefits will be deposited into an account. You will be given a Colorado Quest debit card; information about using this card will be included with the notice that you are eligible.

Tips to Complete your SNAP Application

  • Full names, dates of birth, and Social Security Numbers (SSNs) for the people applying for benefits.
  • If someone is working, paycheck stubs for that person’s job(s). We will ask how much each person makes at his/her job, how often he/she is paid, and how many hours he/she works.
  • Benefit check stubs or award letters for types of income, such as Social Security, Supplemental Security income (SSI, or Child Support. We will ask when these types of benefits started, how much is received, and how often it is received.
  • If someone is self-employed, last year’s tax return for his/her self-employment (if he/she held taxes for the business). Otherwise, try to gather information about his/her income and expenses for the business.
  • How much you pay each month for housing (examples: rent, lot rent, mortgage, property taxes, or homeowner’s insurance).
  • How much you pay each month for utilities (examples: electricity, gas, phone, water, and trash removal).
  • How much you pay for someone’s care (example: day care for your children) and who provides the care.
  • If you over the age of 60, gather the amount of out-of-pocket medical expenses you pay. Keep in mind that if you do not have a way to get the information, the county office will be able to help you get the information.

If you need help, a staff member at one of the Colorado Department of Human Services offices can help you or you can call them at 720-944-3666. You can also visit their website here.