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Food Access Resources

DUG Community Gardens are vital spaces for increasing community food security by providing growers direct food access to healthy, local fruits and vegetables. We also know that gardeners are generous in spirit and donate and share produce with friends, neighbors, and communities, further amplifying the benefits community gardens bring to neighborhoods.

Get Food

Learn more about food access organizations across metro Denver and view their distribution schedules.

Give Food

Learn about the strong and robust network of food donation that exists in Metro Denver and how your garden can play a role.

Fresh Food Connect

Fresh Food Connect was started in 2016 as a pilot project between Denver Food Rescue, Denver Urban Gardens, and Groundwork Denver. The app provides gardeners with an easy way to donate excess garden produce for redistribution to individuals and families facing food insecurity in the immediate community at several ‘No Cost’ Grocery Programs through Denver Food Rescue.

Denver Community Fridges

Denver Community Fridges is a mutual aid project aimed at local businesses and community members to drop off packaged/store-prepared meals and fresh produce to support and combat food insecurity within the community.

Same Cafe

SAME Café is a donation-based, fair exchange restaurant that serves healthy food to everyone, regardless of ability to pay. SAME Café is the first nonprofit restaurant in Denver. Guests order from the healthy menu of mostly local, organic food and then share how they would like to participate in the community in exchange for the meal: volunteering time, giving produce, or donating money.


Learn more about metro Denver food policy and advocacy groups with the organizations below.