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We’re working towards a sustainable urban future where people are deeply and directly connected to the earth, each other, and the food they eat.

Your investment into DUG creates healthy, hyperlocal food systems where people have access, skills, and resources to grow their own organic food for themselves and their neighbors, builds strong, interconnected communities where neighbors find (and cultivate) common ground, and supports metro Denver to become a climate-resilient city by regenerating depleted urban soils, supporting pollinators, and storing carbon.

Become a Sustaining Steward in support of people, plants, and planet!

Join the community of people who invest into a better metro Denver with a monthly gift to DUG.

Ready to Dig Deeper with DUG?

Volunteer With DUG

From drop-in teambuilding days to long-term projects for specialized skills, from digging in the dirt to lending a hand in our office, we have volunteer opportunities that suit a wide variety of abilities and interests.

Volunteer with DUG

Adopt a Garden/Food Forest

Invest in an invaluable community resource by ensuring one (or more) of our community gardens and food forests has the necessary physical and human resources to thrive. Garden adoption is a 3-year commitment with perks for you too.

Adopt a DUG Garden

Become a DUG Ambassador

Connect others with DUG and share your love of organic gardening, soil building, community building, food sovereignty, and help us promote upcoming events, workshops, and more through your networks.

Become an Ambassador

Shop DUG

Support our work and show off your love for DUG with our custom merch items.

Shop Now

Other Ways to Support DUG

All of the giving options described below provide tax advantages.
To get a clearer idea of what that means for a particular donation, contact your tax advisor.

Please contact Chief Executive Officer Linda Appel Lipsius ( to discuss how you can make the greatest impact in your community with a gift to DUG.

Planned Giving

Remember DUG in your Will or Trust, Charitable Remainder Trust, or Charitable Remainder Annuity. Will provisions are the most frequently used deferred giving vehicle. All you need is an attorney and appropriate bequest language.

Donor-Advised Funds

A donor-advised fund, which is like a charitable giving account, gives you the flexibility to support nonprofits of your choosing. They allow donors to make tax-deductible contributions when circumstances warrant and defer allocation decisions until donors are ready to make them.

IRA Contributions

If you are 70 years or older, make a life-changing gift from your IRA account and potentially save on your taxes.

Beneficiary Designation

You can designate DUG as beneficiary of a life insurance policy, a retirement fund, or a bank account.

DUG Endowment Contributions

Help us fund our endowment for a secure future.

Legacy Gardens + Food Forests

Fund a food forest or garden in honor or memorium of a loved one.

Matching Gifts

Ask your employer if they have a matching gift contribution program.

Stocks, Bonds + Properties

Gifts of securities are especially advantageous if they have appreciated in value. Gifts of stocks held longer than one year avoid capital gains tax completely. In addition, donors receive a tax deduction for the market value of the gift.